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Generic Name : Armodafinil Brand Name : Armod
Strength(s) : 150mg Expiry : 2019
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Armodafinil is the perfect wakefulness promoting agent that keeps the person awake during working hours. It has got the approval from the US FDA in the year 2007.

Pills has the capability to get absorbed in the body very quickly than other medications and starts its job. It is considered as the best medication in the market that can keep the person awake who is suffering from sleep disorder. Sleep disorder is a condition when the person is not able to sleep properly during the night or whenever the person is sleeping. As a result of that the person feels very sleepy and drowsy after getting up from the sleep during the working hours. Off the label it is also prescribed with other medications to treat ADHD. It has the capability to increase alertness, focus, and concentration in the person. There are also reports that suggest that it has positive effects on the memory power of the person. With the luxury of buying it through online portals, today many people are benefiting from this medication. Because of this the person can never give the best performance and for the people who do job that require precise decision is the most effected as the brain is not in a condition to take any such decisions. This medication is the best companion for them as it can keep them focused and alert. Today there are various online web portals that are supplying to door steps. so a person can easily order Armodafinil online.

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  • Action Mechanism of Armodafinil Narcolepsy pills

    • It is also known as a dopamine synthesis inhibitor and that is because of its capability to interact with neurotransmitters inside the brain and increase the level of dopamine that keeps the brain awake and alert. Other than this nothing is known about the mechanism of this medication. However, it is really effective in keeping the person awake suffering from sleeping disorder. Research and studies are still going on how it works inside the brain, but it is considered as the most safe alternative medication for the people suffering from ADHD. It is believed by the medical experts that the mechanism of medicine is directly interacts with the sleep response system of the brain.
  • Benefits of using sleep disorder tablet Armodafinil

    • The major benefit of this medication is that it keeps the person awake who are suffering from sleeping disorders. Because of sleeping disorders person tends to feel very sleepy and drowsy during working hours and this can be solved by consuming this drugs. It has also got the approval for some off the label use like it can be used to treat ADHD with other medications. Many people have also reported that after using for memory power, capability to think more clearly and positively has increased.
  • Dosage of Armodafinil tablets

    • After conducting many clinical test and researches, FDA has approved the dosage of around 150 mg to 200 mg of once a day to the person suffering from sleep disorders. It is recommended to consume this medication around 1 hour before you go to the work.
  • Precautions while using Armodafinil for sleeping disorder

    • Although this medication is considered as the safest but then also there are few guidelines and instructions that should be followed to make sure it does not cause any kind of serious ill effects.

      • Person suffering from any kind of illness such as heart ailments, kidney or liver diseases should always maintain their distance with this medication.
      • Kindly check with your doctor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this pills as it can develop allergic rashes or other reactions.
      • It is not yet proved but it is not considered safe if pregnant or planning to get pregnant or if breast feeding.
      • You need to consult doctor before consuming this medication if you are undergoing any other treatment to check if this medicine can interact adversely with that medication.
      • If the person is alcoholic or have the history of mental issues in the family or mood problems, then this medication should be taken only after proper consultation.
  • Side Effects of sleep apnea pills

    • Below mentioned are few of the side effects that has reported by the consumers, but if you find any other reactions apart from the list mentioned below then you should consult your doctor to know more about it.

      • Your skin will get rashes, blistering and dry.
      • You will always feel tingling feelings, itching, irritation and brawling
      • Feel difficulty in breathing
      • Your heartbeat rate will not be same every time, it can increase, decrease and irregular
      • You feel to urinate more than usual
      • You will feel tightness in the chest and also wheezing
      Now even by mistake if you have consumed overdose of pills then you will experience the below mentioned symptoms and you need to consult your doctor immediately if you experience it.

      • Anxiety
      • blurred vision
      • chest pain or discomfort
      • diarrhea
      • dry mouth
      • headache
      • hyperventilation
  • User Reviews for this medication

    • Bye Bye Sleep!!

      I work in a manufacturing unit and many times we have to work overnight to meet the deadlines. Initially it was fine but lately because of this abnormal work timing, I was not able to take rest. It was like my body don’t want to sleep at all. Whole night I will toss from one side to another but would get sleep very late. Because of this during my working hours I used to feel very sleepy and I was not able to work as before. My production had decreased to an alarming level and I had already got 2 warnings from my management team. I consulted my doctor and got confirmation that i was suffering from sleep disorder and doctor asked me to buy Armodafinil. It was really like gift to me and I was back to my normal life. Now I don’t feel any kind of sleep or drowsiness during my working hours and my production also got improved.


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