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Generic Name : Nuvigil Brand Name : Artvigil
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Nuvigil is one of the very popular medications that promote wakefulness or alertness in the human being. It is very useful for the people who feel excessive sleep due to sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea. This is considered as the best medication to keep a person alert who have sleep disorders, but it should not replace other treatments that doctor has prescribed to treat the sleeping disorders. Because of sleep disorders brain looses its capability to control the area of wakefulness and sleep. It has the capability to keep you awake even when brain thinks that it is time to sleep. Nuvigil is also known as nootropic medicine because of the combination and the way it works in the body. It is one of the very few medications that has got its approval from FDA and is very popular among the users. Due to the popularity of the medication today it is available through various online drug suppliers. This has given the luxury to the public to order nuvigil online. Sleeping disorders like narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea have increased to an alarming level and this medications is really important when you are suffering from sleeping disorders.

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  • Action Mechanism of Nuvigil

    • The actual mechanism is not know yet, but according to the theory it directly interacts with dopamine receptor and the increase in the level of dopamine level in the brain keeps the whole body awake and alerted. This mechanism also helps in keeping a check in the mood alterations. Because of certain factors like stress, abnormal work timings, tension and so on, the brain is not able to control the chemicals produced by neurotransmitters and thus sleep disorder like narcolepsy occurs. This pills interacts with these chemicals to make sure that the person is awake and alert through the time.
  • Benefits of using narcolepsy pills nuvigil

    • This drug is very beneficial for the people who suffer from narcolepsy as it reduces the sleepiness and keep the person awake throughout the day.

      This medication will not be able to cure sleep disorders, but it will definitely keep you awake when sleeping disorders make you sleepy and drowsy.

      There are even reports from some people that it has the capability to increase the memory power of the people who consume . Today many people are using this medication to keep them awake if they are suffering from sleeping disorders and are leading a normal life.

  • Dosage of obstructive sleep apnea pills nuvigil

    • As per the recommendations of medical experts 150 mg to 250 mg should be taken orally once a day during the morning time.
  • Precautions should be taken while using nuvigil

    • Even though this medication is approved by the FDA, but there are some guidelines or in other words precautions that should be taken care while a person is under treatment using this pills. Some of the precautions are mentioned below:

      You need to consult your doctor to check if your body has any kind of allergies with the ingredients as there are few reports of allergies.

      If the person has any kind of issues like heart problems, mood disorders, liver problems or high blood pressure then you should be away from this stimulant.

      If a person has history of medication abuse or if the person has history alcoholic abuse then the person should not consume this medication.

      It is true that it helps the person to be awake but due to sleep disorders the brains capability to react like reflex decreases to very low level and even after taking this medication the reflex activity of the brain does not increase. So, person should remember this thing while consuming this medication.

      This drug may also make you little bit dizzy, so you need to be careful while doing your job and if it involves precise focus then you should either avoid it or be very careful.

      There is no proof of this medication passing through breast milk, but then also you should consult your doctor if you want to consume while breastfeeding.
  • Side Effects of nootropic medicine

    • As this medication is known to be interacting directly with the neurotransmitters of the brain, there are few side effects reported by some people as mentioned below:

      It can cause skin rashes or redness of the skin.
      There have been reports of itching, irritation, and burning sensation.
      Mild headaches.

      Few people have reported to have experienced shortness in breathing, tightness in chest and wheezing.
      Below mentioned are some of the side effects when medication is taken in overdose
      Blurred vision
      Chest pain
      Dry mouth
      If any of these symptoms are shown then it is highly recommended to visit your doctor as soon as possible.
  • User Reviews for this medication

    • I work in grave yard shift and because of this abnormal timings, lately may be because of this abnormal shift timings I was not able to sleep properly. I was really getting restless as during the working hours also I was feeling very sleepy and this was drastically affecting my production quality and quantity. I never thought that I could come out of this problem so easily. However, I consulted my family doctor and after few tests he confirmed that I was suffering from sleep disorder due to abnormal shift timings. Now I cannot change my shift or job so easily so though of getting treatment that can solve this issue and he prescribed me this pills. He told me to have around 150 mg tablets everyday 45 minutes before I go for my job. This medication is worked like a magic for me and I never felt any kind of sleepiness during working hours. Buy nuvigil 150mg without prescription from online pharmacy like because its cheaper and good in quality as compare to other brands.To Buy Nuvigil online you can use copoun code to get discount.


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