Tramadol: The Best Pain Killer Medicine there is!


I had my surgery 2 years ago when I met with an accident near my college. My surgery took place at the knees. The pain that I underwent when my knee was fractured was beyond explanation. Not only was I asked to take bed rest for strictly 2 months but also asked not to put pressure on my knee for over a year. A little pressure gave me extreme pain which I could not tolerate. Even after 6 months the shooting pain of surgery did not stop at all. Every night I used to sit up crying out in pain. No pain killer was prescribed to me so I couldn’t take any without speaking to the doctor. This continued for a long time till I could tolerate no longer.

I spoke to my doctor and asked him to prescribe some pain killer to me. He asked me how much pain I am in and I couldn’t describe. I told him that I could hardly get any rest due to this pain. He then broke down the whole pain killer theory to me. He told me that pain killers are of two types. One is immediate relief and one extended relief. He prescribed me with pain killer medication Tramadol which was both immediate and extended relief tablets. He told me the immediate release tablets gave relief within half an hour. Whereas the extended relief tablets were for round the clock treatment.

When I asked him to explain how Tramadol worked, he gave me a very graphic explanation. He told me that this drug was a synthetic substance derived from opium. This interacts with the opiate receptors of the brain and thereby helps to reduce the sensations of pain. It also enhances serotonin and norepinephrine transmission. He further explained that Tramadol, when taken, gets absorbed into the blood stream almost immediately. Those that are immediate relief tablets work for 4-6 hours at a stretch, therefore have to be taken every 4 to 6 hours.

The extended relief tablets, the doctor said, works for about 8 to 10 hours, thereby offering relief from moderate to severe pain for a longer span of time. I was told that Tramadol has about 1/10th of the potency of morphine and that it is a narcotic pain killer. He prescribed me a dosage of 100 mg to be taken every 6 hours, which is the dosage for immediate release. For extended release, it was to be a dose of 300 mg once everyday. He said that dosages will be modified as per the severity of the pain.

The doctor strictly asked me to abstain from alcohol, tranquilisers, other narcotic drugs when I am under Tramadol treatment. He also enquired if I was pregnant or planning to conceive as pain killers like Tramadol could cause birth defects. He asked me to be very careful about the dosage as overdose can lead to serious seizures or convulsions. He said that there was also a chance of addiction as Tramadol is a narcotic but it can be controlled if properly administered.

He told me that for pills of choice, Tramadol to relieve pain could be used. When I asked where I could get this medicine, he said that Tramadol is for sale online on armodafinilstore. He said I could buy Tramadol online cheap and safely. He also mentioned that I could order Tramadol online without prescription as well.