Nuvigil to improve in your condition of sleep disorder

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As you are well aware, it is possible to order any kind of medication from online stores, right from the comfort of your living room! However, you may not obtain any and every kind of drug that you want, at your own will. Since Nuvigil is a controlled substance, you will need a medical practitioner’s prescription for purchasing it.

Its generic name is armodafinil. Like every other drug, it may cause some side effects too. For instance, you may suffer from anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, headache, nausea, depression, stomach upsets and diarrhoea, hypertension, or rash. However, they should go away within a short time. Severe reactions are rare. Those, who are elderly, pregnant, or suffering from liver/kidney/heart conditions, should exercise caution. It would be best to be honest with your doctor, regarding your past and present health status, medications/supplements that you are consuming, allergies, etc.

A Chronic Sleep Disorder

Now, you would require this drug on an urgent basis, if you were suffering from narcolepsy. Medical practitioners deem that the accurate treatment for narcolepsy is Nuvigil. It is a condition, wherein you experience heavy daytime sleepiness. In fact, people will be surprised to witness you dozing off at intervals during the day, regardless of wherever you are! Then again, you may be subject to vivid hallucinations, since you are hovering on the boundary between sleep and wakefulness. You do not know which side to stay on! Sometimes, trigger factors like shock, surprise, laughter or anger cause you to go weak in the arms, legs and knees. As a result, you may collapse completely, drop your head onto your desk, or use slurred speech. In such a scenario, your personal physician may suggest that you contact offline/online drug stores to order Nuvigil.

Breathing Problems

Another sleep-wake disorder that would benefit with the usage of Nuvigil is obstructive sleep apnea. In this case, the muscles of your throat relax to such an extent during sleep that they block the airway partially. As a result, you stop breathing for some time. You will know when you begin breathing again with a loud snort/snoring, or jerk awake suddenly while gasping for breath. Do not feel surprised at your excessive sleepiness, morning headache, inability to concentrate, mood changes, sweating profusely at night, or enhanced blood pressure.

Do note that you may treat sleep apnea or resolve the narcolepsy problem with Nuvigil. However, no pharmaceutical company gives the guarantee of destroying your sleep disorder. Remember that you have a chronic problem, and it has been in existence for years.  At the same time, rest assured that you would definitely see an improvement in your condition, which will aid you in leading a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle.